Leadership Training: Lesson 29

Your Personal Story

In our last few lessons we looked at testimonials. In this lesson I will discuss one particular testimonial which could turn out to be the most powerful one that you will ever use: Your Personal Story.

If you are like most distributors, you probably first became interested in natural health as a result of a personal experience. Perhaps you had a health issue that was resolved naturally with the use of herbs—perhaps even after experiencing repeated and frustrating (and expensive) failures on the part of the medical profession. This is a very common experience. Or maybe your experience involved helping a close family member.

People are even more impressed by testimonials related first hand by the person involved. So your personal story could easily prove to be your most effective testimonial.

When people find out what you do, you will often be asked how you got interested in herbs. You should be ready with your own personal story. This is an excellent ice-breaker with a person whom you have just met, perhaps in the waiting room of your dentist or hair stylist, or perhaps in the checkout line at the grocery store. In some situations your time may be limited, so you can see the importance of having given some prior thought to your story. You might even have a long version and a short version of your personal story. You will find that your story will get better and better (flow more smoothly) the more you tell it. No one is a greater expert than you, when it comes to your own personal story.

Your story does not have to be something as big and miraculous as a cancer cure. My first personal story simply involved finding relief for my seasonal allergy symptoms, from which I had suffered for years. That was perhaps the most effective personal story that I have ever used, probably because it involved a problem that afflicts so many people. As I got older and gained more "experience" I could relate other personal stories as well, including how my chronic arthritic knee pain was completely alleviated after taking EverFlex for six months, and how my prostate problem was relieved with Men's Formula.

Your personal story could even be something as simple as how you experienced more energy after you began taking Super Supplemental, or how much better you felt after your first colon cleanse. Everyone has a personal story to share. (More energy is a big one!)

When you hold your first meeting, or give your first public presentation, you will no doubt begin with information about yourself—what better time to share your personal story?! People are very interested in hearing the personal stories of others, and there is nothing that grabs and holds their attention more than health issues. So think about your personal story, practice it, and share it.

Word-of-mouth advertising can be the most powerful advertising available—and it is free! Your personal story could easily turn out to be the most effective advertising that you will ever use.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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