Leadership Training: Lesson 23

Using the Internet

In our last lesson we learned about the three pitfalls of using the internet to build your network marketing business. In summary:

Pitfall #1: Putting all your eggs in the internet basket.

Pitfall #2: "The #1 mistake that people make in attempting to sponsor online is not getting on the phone with a serious prospect ASAP!"

Pitfall #3: Not having an automated Follow Through System!

With regard to pitfall #3, I was particularly struck by the shocking statistics from the National Sales Executive Association, which deserve to be repeated here:

48 percent of network marketers quit after one contact with a prospect.

25 percent stop after the second contact.

12 percent actually make three contacts.

Only 10 percent make more than three contacts.

But 80 percent of the sales are made after the fifth contact!

That indicates that there is a HUGE amount of lost potential!

The writer's solution was to have an automated follow through system for both offline and online prospects.

For offline prospects I have used an index card filing system, with each prospect's information written on a single index card. Part of the filing system is divided into 1-30 representing the days of the current month. The other part is divided into the 12 months of the year. After contacting a prospect by telephone, their card is updated and then moved to the section in the filing system corresponding to when I plan on contacting them again. Today, there are also very nice computer programs that make the job even simplier and easier.

For online prospects I use a fully-automated system that emails prewritten messages at specified time intervals. It is the system that I use to send this email series to you. I use this program to maintain several lists, including one that my web site readers can subscribe to, one that I subscribe my retail customers to, and one that I subscribe my new member sign ups to.

The program that I use is called "Follow-up Mailing List Processor" or "FMLP" (available at http://drquek.com/). It only costs about $50 - and is well-worth the price - but FMLP requires a certain amount of computer expertise to install (e.g., using FTP to upload and install files onto your server, setting file permissions, etc.) If you are not that computer savvy (or don't have someone who can do it for you) I have seen similar programs starting at about $200 which include installation and set up on your web server (the host of your web site.) Once the program is set up on your web server you can easily operate and maintain it using your web browser, even if you have little experience with computers.

It doesn't matter what system(s) you choose, the important thing is that you use some kind of follow up system, and that you consistently follow up with each new prospect, each new customer, and each new sign up at least five times, and preferably 7 times or more.

Remember, the three most important keys to network marketing success (in no particular order) are follow up, follow up, and follow up!

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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