Leadership Training: Lesson 20

What type of business is right for you?

NSP allows you maximum flexibility so you will have the freedom to operate your NSP businesses the way that you see fit. For example, some network marketing companies do not allow their distributors to open retail stores. This restriction does not apply for NSP distributors. Some companies require exclusivity. Again, not a problem with NSP.

There are as many ways to operate an NSP business as there are NSP distributors. Below I will discuss just a few that have been tried and proven. Of course you are not limited to just one way. Many successful distributors employ several of these:

1. A traditional storefront location:

Many have been successful with retail stores. Some have chosen to sell NSP products exclusively while others have been successful selling a variety of products—simply adding NSP's products to their existing product lines. We have operated several stores in the past in which we sold NSP products exclusively at retail prices. We also provided the membership option to our customers so they could save money and we could get long-term customers. We were successful, but we found that there were many inconveniences to operating a store, including long hours, high overhead, issues with employees, etc. We have since closed our stores choosing to focus our business online so we could work at home, set our own hours, and enjoy lower overhead and less stress.

2. Online stores:

This is an excellent way to sell NSP products. NSP makes it easy for you with their very affordable MyNSP.com distributor websites. You can set your own hours and let NSP take care of collecting the money and shipping the products. There are many advantages to having an online store. The challenge of course is in getting traffic to your online store, and that (and following up with your contacts) is what you have to focus your efforts on. Many have opened wonderful online stores only to find them virtual ghost-towns due to a lack of online traffic.

An online store is also an excellent adjunct to any other type of NSP business and in today's market many consider them to be an essential part of any successful business.

3. Selling part-time or full-time from a home office:

Many distributors have been very successful with this type of NSP business. You can set your own hours and keep your overhead low (a key to any successful new business.) The trick is getting and retaining customers and recruiting new distributors. Holding meetings in your home or in the homes of your customers is probably going to be an essential part of this type of business. Word-of-mouth is the best kind of advertising. It also helps to have a MyNSP.com web site as an adjunct to this type of business.

4. Joint Venturing:

If you are a massage therapist, chiropractor, hair stylist, fitness coach, etc. you can sell NSP products from your office or store. But even if this does not apply to you, you can work in partnership with such a business person if you can find one who will joint venture with you. You can put the products and display in their store/office and they can sell them to their regular clientele keeping a percentage of the profits. Eventually you will want to sign them up as a distributor so they can order their own products and build their own successlines. Many NSP distributors have been very successful with this type of approach by joint venturing with many different businesses in their communities. It is also a great way to make new contacts and build a successline.

Hint: Put a small label on every product that you sell with your business name, phone number and web site address so your customers can easily contact you to reorder. The tiny 80 to a sheet return address labels work great for this (1/2" by 1-3/4" labels.)

5. Home Parties or "Herbal Hours":

When we first started building our NSP business we held "Herbal Hours" which were meetings or classes held in the homes of our customers and members. They were like the Tupperware Parties and other similar "parties" that you may be familiar with. The hosting customer or member would invite the guests from among their contacts and acquaintances. These meetings were very effective at getting new customers and signups. Many successful NSP managers attribute their success to these types of meetings. Materials for Herbal Hours, and even Herbal Hour videos that you can show at your meetings, are available at http://www.treelite.com/.

6. Public Speaking:

Public speaking isn't for everyone. Most people hate to get up before a group of people. But it can be an excellent way to get new customers and members. Many groups and clubs hold regular meetings where they have a featured speaker. These groups are always looking for speakers, and health topics are always popular. Herbs and nutrition are particularly hot topics! Your speech should be more informative than promotional, but at the end you can put in a plug about your business by explaining what you do, and then offer brochures or business cards that they can come by and pick up. I have given many talks like this and have never failed to get at least one or two new customers, and sometimes many more. You can also have a sign up sheet for people who want more information. Get their names, phone numbers and email addresses and follow up with them. This will greatly increase your success rate.

If you are uncomfortable with speaking before a group of people relax in the knowledge that you are not alone. Psychologists tell us that public speaking is the most common phobia. The way to overcome your phobia is to take a public speaking class. One such class that is taught in nearly every city is "Toastmasters." Even if you are not afraid to speak before a group of people, I highly recommend Toastmasters because they will teach you how to be a more refined and effective speaker, no matter what your current level of skill is. To find a local Toastmasters club visit the official web site for Toastmasters International at: http://www.toastmasters.org/

There are certainly many other ways to sell NSP products. Sometimes the most successful new distributors are the ones who have come up with the most innovative ideas. I know of one woman, a single mother with very limited financial means, who became extremely successful by focusing on just one product (a cleanse) and selling it door-to-door. That type of selling doesn't appeal to me, but it really worked for her! The point is, you are limited only by your imagination.

Regardless of the method or combination of methods that you choose, you will be more successful if you will make recruiting new distributors a part of your business plan. You will make more money and in the long run you will not have to work as hard, because there will be others doing some of the work for you. Their success will be your success. Instead of spending all your time selling, you can focus on teaching and training, which most people find more rewarding anyway. So don't just focus on selling products. Focus on building a successline as well!

In the beginning, you can expect to work harder than you will be rewarded. But you are building a solid foundation and investing in your future. In the end you will find that you are being rewarded much more than may seem justified by the efforts you will be expending. Isn't that what it's all about?

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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