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Using Testimonials As a Networking Tool

One of the most powerful tools available to business professionals looking to make a good impression on a new client, is the testimonial. For our discussion, a testimonial is a recommendation made by one business profession about another, based on personal experience. This means that you could and should get testimonials from your clients about your products and services. [In our case, the best testimonials are from clients who have received great results from their herbal products. This is very powerful stuff. Read this carefully!]

You may have to ask for them. That is perfectly acceptable. I have even had my suppliers write them for me to sign. I was busy, but I wanted to help them. AND they deserved a testimonial. But I couldn't seem to fit it into my schedule. So they wrote up a testimonial that said what I would have said, had I had the time, and I printed it on my letterhead and signed it. I have some very creative suppliers.

Testimonials for different aspects of your business are very useful. For instance, a testimonial about the quality of your products and services could be one type of testimonial you get. You may also get a different testimonial if you creatively solve a client challenge. Or you could get one about your "timeliness". Having various testimonials comes in handy when you want to use them for networking. What can you do with them?

Well, you can obviously print them in your marketing material. But here are some other ideas for creative uses of them:

1. I know a firm who had theirs enlarged and framed, and used them at trade shows in their booth.

2. When marketing to a specific type of client, pick a testimonial that would most appeal to them and enclose it with your direct mail piece. For instance, if you are trying to get a client where time is a critical factor, send your "timeliness" testimonial. This is when various "topics" of testimonials are useful.

3. Let's say you have a testimonial letter from a CPA. Often THAT letter will be just the thing to make ANOTHER CPA use your services. So testimonials from various professions (if applicable), can be very helpful.

4. Put the letters in a notebook and leave them in your office waiting room.

5. Oftentimes, the use of second-party testimonials is seen in press releases.

You also could and should GIVE testimonials to the professionals you do business with. When you get good service from a business professional, write them a testimonial. In it, include how you know the person and the business, what you had done by the firm, and what impressed you most about your association.

Be as specific as you can, keeping in mind that, the most important thing you could say in a testimonial is WHY doing business with this firm and/or person is beneficial to you. And understand by writing a testimonial, you are giving the receiver permission to use it with prospective clients.

Want to really help out your circle of networking contacts? Ask them to supply you with copies of the testimonials they have gotten, besides yours, Then, when you have a lead for one of them, share those testimonials with the lead. It is a very powerful thing to be looking for a product or service, get recommended to a provider, AND have several testimonial letters given to you at the time of the referral.

Testimonials are significantly useful in a networking environment. And the best thing about them, is they come from doing a good job and don't cost anything.

© 1998 Nancy Roebke, is the Executive Director of Profnet Inc, a professional business leads generation corporation. We bring business professionals together in a noncompetitive environment to help each other make more money.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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