Leadership Training: Lesson 28

Testimonials Continued

In our last lesson we read an article on "Using Testimonials As a Networking Tool." In this lesson I will follow up on this very important topic.

Testimonials are a very powerful tool for any business. For a network marketer, they are probably the most important tool that you will ever use!

Don't be afraid to ask for testimonials from your clients. Most people will be very flattered because you are showing that you value their opinion!

When I first opened my business, I asked my clients for testimonials, which (with their permission) I put in a loose leaf notebook in my waiting room. I put their testimonials in clear plastic sheet protectors because this notebook turned out to be the most popular reading material in my waiting room.

I also kept a Polaroid camera in my office and included a photograph of each individual with their testimonial. (Today I use a digital camera.) That made it even more real to the readers. If the individual had hand written the testimonial I included that as well.

This was very effective. Frequently people would even ask my receptionist if she would make a copy of a testimonial so they could share it with a friend who had a similar health issue.

Other very effective ways to use testimonials are in your newsletters, in your advertising, and on your web pages. But don't forget that you must have permission from the individual before you can share their testimonial with others.

How to get testimonials from your clients:

Some people will volunteer testimonials by sending you a nice thank you letter or email. Contact them immediately to express your appreciation for their remarks and ask them for their permission to share it with others. I have never been refused such a request. People are in fact usually very happy that you want to use their testimonial. But you should nonetheless assure them that you will block out their last name so as not to reveal their full identity to strangers. Only use first names and cities of residence in all of your testimonials.

People are very busy these days, so few people will actually take the time to write out a testimonial unless they are asked to. Therefore, if you want testimonials you will have to ask for them. If you are afraid that they won't find the time to write it out even after being asked, (since people procrastinate) then ask them if they will dictate it to you while you write it down or type it into your computer. You can even do this over the phone. You can edit what they dictate to make it read better since you are going to have them review it and sign it anyway.

The best time to ask a client for a testimonial is right after they tell you about a positive result they received from their herbal products. They will never be more motivated and willing to help than at that particular time. So train yourself so that every time you hear one of these positive comments you will be thinking, "It's time to ask for a testimonial!"

When you have a distributor who has a success story regarding their business venture, be sure to get that in writing too. You can use it to convince and motivate other distributors and potential distributors. Also be sure to share your testimonials (and your own personal testimonial) with your distributors to help your successline build their businesses as well.

Testimonials are a very powerful tool. They could turn out to be your best form of advertising, and the best part is they are free! Advertising is often very expensive, so take advantage of this very effective form of free advertising! It just takes a little work on your part, but the payback will be extraordinary.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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