Leadership Training: Lesson 43

Public Speaking/Health Classes

Continuing our discussion of the various ways to build an NSP business, in this lesson we will focus on:

Public Speaking and Conducting Health Classes

Public speaking isn't for everyone. Most people hate to get up to talk before a group of people. In fact, psychologists tell us that public speaking is the most common phobia in our society today. So if you are afraid of speaking before a large group of people - relax, you have plenty of company!

The way to overcome your phobia is to take a public speaking class. One such class that is taught in nearly every city is "Toastmasters." Even if you are not afraid to speak before a group of people, I highly recommend Toastmasters because they will teach you how to be a more refined and effective speaker, no matter what your current level of skill happens to be. To find a local Toastmasters club visit the official web site for Toastmasters International at: http://www.toastmasters.org/

Public speaking can be an excellent way to get new customers and members. Many groups and clubs hold regular weekly meetings where they have a featured speaker. The Kiwanis Club is just one example. These groups are always looking for speakers, and health topics are always popular with herbs and nutrition being particular hot. With the aging baby boomer population experiencing more and more health concerns, this trend is sure to continue for long into the foreseeable future.

Your speech should be more informative than promotional, but at the end you can put in a plug about your business by explaining what you do, and then offer brochures or business cards that they can come by and pick up. I have given many talks like this and have never failed to get at least one or two new customers, and sometimes many more. You can also have a sign up sheet for people who want more information. Get their names, phone numbers and email addresses and follow up with them. This will greatly increase your success rate.

Some of the large health food markets also have rooms available for public use where you can hold classes dealing with natural health topics. The health food store may even help you promote your class and provide a sign up sheet in the store where interested people can sign up to attend. Again, your class should be more informational than promotional. The purpose of public speaking is to establish yourself as an expert that people will want to consult. Make sure that everyone leaves with a flyer with your contact information on it. Coupons offering a special discount on one of your services or a free consultation, always with expiration dates, are extremely helpful. If you have a sign up sheet on which people can submit their names and email addresses you can also follow up with a special offer or reminder later.

Many public libraries have meeting rooms available for public use for free. The library will even help you promote your event. The ones that I have worked with have had the following two requirements: 1) You can not sell anything nor promote anything that you are selling, that is, your meeting must be of an educational nature rather than a promotional one; and 2) Your meeting has to be open to the general public - any library patron who is interested in attending is welcome. This is an excellent place to give lectures about different aspects of herbal medicine. It doesn't matter that you can't "sell" anything, because the only thing that you want to sell is yourself. If you establish yourself as a reliable and professional expert in your field, people will seek you out after the class. Make sure that you have your business cards available for anyone to pick up. After the class, people will invariable come up to speak to you. You can tell them about your services and get their email addresses to follow up with them later.

Public speaking and teaching adult classes are wonderful and effective ways to build an NSP business. They are also loads of fun, and you will learn more from the experience than your attendees.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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