Leadership Training: Lesson 22

NSP Forum Business Building Archive

As you already know, the NSP Forum (http://www.nspforum.com) is a great resource for NSP distributors. An often overlooked part of the forum is the business building section—in particular the Business Building Archive—where you will find a virtual library of interesting and helpful articles. Whenever I have a few minutes between appointments I will often read one or two of the posts in the Business Building Archive. You might want to do the same, or you might make it a goal to read just one new from the Business Building Archive each day.

In the next few lessons of this series I will send some exerpts and advice from some of my favorite posts on the Business Building Archive, starting with the following article by network marketer Michael Klimek:

"How to Explode Your MLM Business Online with E-mail

"Utilizing the internet to expand your Network Marketing business is critical for success in the new millennium. There are MANY pitfalls which we all need to be aware of...here are just 3 and their solutions:

"Pitfall #1: Putting all Eggs in the Internet basket!
Internet marketing should be PART of a well balanced strategy of building your business. Remember—the vast majority are still NOT online. Those who are online get bombarded with so much info—therefore, the "high touch" aspects must be implemented.

"Fact: Medical Research has shown that it takes 29% LONGER to understand the written word than the SPOKEN word!

"Solution: Have a balanced approach at "filling your sponsoring pipeline"! Make sure you have a constant supply of fresh MLM specific leads that come with EMAIL addresses as well as phone and address. Contact your Qualified prospects by PHONE, plug them into conference calls, encourage email leads to go to your website and listen to a presentation on "real audio", get them to listen to prerecorded presentations, do 3-ways etc.

"Pitfall #2: The #1 mistake that people make in attempting to sponsor online is not getting on the phone with a serious prospect ASAP!

"Solution: Transition out of cyberspace ASAP. Why? To a great extent, email is a "sterile environment". Quite often it is difficult to understand the real "tone" and intent of an email message. Connecting with people on the phone is extremely important to increase your sponsoring AND retention averages. MLM is a people business!

"Pitfall #3: Not having an automated Follow Through System!
Here are some SHOCKING facts from the National Sales Executive Association :
( 48 percent of the people quit after one contact with a prospect
( 25 percent stop after the second contact
( 12 percent actually make three contacts
( only 10 percent make more than three contacts
Drum roll please~ ~ ~ ~ ~
( 80 percent of the sales are made after the fifth contact!!
Do you REALLY understand what this means????
10% of the people are doing 80% of the sponsoring!!! Do you want to be among this 10%???? !!!

"Solution: You MUST have an automated follow through system for both offline and online prospects."

In our next lesson, I will have some additional comments on the above, and tell you about the automated email follow through program that I use (the same program that I use to send this series to you.)

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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