Leadership Training: Lesson 16

"Knowledge is Power!"

Education does not stop when we finish school. It is a lifelong pursuit. Education is a vital part of any nutrition business, especially since we do not receive this kind of information in our regular schools. Even doctors, who we trust with our health care, receive little education regarding nutrition.

Attend Meetings and Seminars:

NSP offers meetings from time to time in nearly every metropolitan area in the country. You can learn about the times and locations of these meetings on NSP's official web site at http://www.naturessunshine.com (on the main menu bar look under the "members" section then "events" and "education," but first you must log in using your account number and PIN or the members section will not appear.)

NSP also offers Webinars which are valuable for both new members and old-timers. Learn about the webinars at: http://www.NSPWebinars.com or at http://www.naturessunshine.com/us/members/education/webinars.aspx

It is very important to attend as many of these educational events as you can, even if you have a travel to get there. (All of your expenses, including travel, are tax deductible!) NSP's conferences and conventions are an essential part of your training. How can you possibly succeed if you do not take advantage of the training that your company is providing for you?

Hopefully you will never feel that you no longer need to attend meetings. If you do, don't ask yourself what you can get from a meeting, consider what you have to give. Newer distributors will certainly benefit from your experience. If nothing else, you should be there as an example for your successline, who you should take to the meetings with you! And never underestimate the role that meetings can play in keeping you motivated.

Read a Book a Month:

Continue your education in a systematic manner by resolving to read something new every month. There are many good books and articles on herbs and the various aspects of natural health care. Start with the database of articles on NSP's official web site at which you will find at:

Over the years there have been some very good educational programs created by Nature's Sunshine managers to help other NSP distributors attain their educational goals. Below are two examples:

The Tree of Light Institute is operated by Steven Horne, a nationally recognized professional herbalist who has been associated with NSP for many years. He teaches a "Certified Herbal Consultant" (CHC) course which is available online. Find out more about this course, and the other excellent educational materials offered by Steven Horne, by visiting the Tree of Light Institute's web site at: http://www.treelite.com/

The Tree of Light Institute also offers a Free Nature's Sunshine E-Zine called Nature's Field. This is a wonderful resource packed with priceless information—and best of all it is free! You absolutely must be subscribed to this one! You can sign up using the form at the bottom of the web page at: http://www.treelite.com/NF/index.php (Did I mention that this excellent resource is FREE?!)

If you are interested in iridology, Joyful Living Services, run by long-time NSP manager Brenda R. Generali, has an iridology correspondence course that is available on DVD as well as video tape. After taking her course you can refer to yourself as a "Certified Iridologists." Check out the Joyful Living Services web site at: http://www.joyfullivingservices.com/iridology.html

Here is one my favorite resources for NSP Distributors:

Recipes for Success, symptomatic herbal reference file, is an easy-to-use tool which outlines natural health programs that work, using Nature's Sunshine products exclusively. This file is the culmination of twenty years of research and experience by Kay Lubecke, B.A., M.ED., certified natural health educator, participant in the NSP Forum, NSP National Manager and multi-million dollar producer. Recipes for Success, a 3" x 5" card file, is sorted alphabetically by symptoms and contains 380 symptom cards and Mead alphabetical dividers in an easy-to-use, attractive, durable recipe box.

    I have been an NSP manager for years and I still refer to Kay's Recipes for Success on an almost daily basis! To quote the website (because this is so true): "Recipes for Success will increase your business because:

    1. You will have 'the answers at your fingertips'
    2. It educates [you and] your SuccessLine rapidly
    3. It helps you help others more effectively
    4. It helps you avoid hours of research
    5. It allows your SuccessLine to duplicate your business building practices
    6. Yearly updates are available to keep your card file up-to-date for a minimal cost"

Learn more about Recipes for Success at: http://www.sunshinesupport.com/recipe_cardfile.shtml

Here is a great resource specifically for helping you build your network marketing business:

Paula Pritchard is a self-made millionaire who has built global organizations of as many as 200,000 across 16 countries. You can read about Paula and her book Owning Yourself and training program “What You Need to Know to Build a Profitable Network Marketing Business,” available on CD at http://www.MLMMadeSimple.com.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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