Leadership Training: Lesson 4

Know Your Company

Companies that use network marketing can be divided into two broad categories:

1. Opportunity-Driven Companies; and
2. Product-Driven Companies

An opportunity-driven company is in the business to sell a business opportunity. The products are secondary - just an excuse for the company's existence. Without products they would be nothing more than a pyramid scheme, and since pyramid schemes are illegal, they have to have products. Opportunity-driven companies are therefore, in my opinion, nothing more than thinly-veiled pyramid schemes.

I once had a salesman come into my office and speak to me for over 45 minutes without ever mentioning a single product. He showed me charts and graphs and talked about how much money I could make. Finally I interrupted him and asked, "Do you have a product?" "Certainly," he replied, as he pulled out his product catalog. It was only then that I discovered that this salesman, who had been talking to me for nearly an hour, was an Amway distributor.

For the most part, these are the companies in which you have to get in on the "ground floor," because most of them are going to be out of business within five years anyway. (Amway is obviously an exception, since they have been around for a long time.) Quixtar is another opportunity-driven company that has come on the scene over the past few years.

Unfortunately for opportunity-driven distributors, not everyone is looking for another job. But everyone is looking for products. If your products can't stand on their own, you will have little chance for long-term success.

Nature's Sunshine is a product-driven company. A product-driven company is in business to sell products. They use direct marketing simply because it is the best way to market those products.

If you are considering a network marketing company, as a test you can ask yourself this question: "Could I open a store and sell the products at retail prices and make a successful business of it without recruiting new distributors?" With NSP you certainly can. I know because I have seen many distributors do it, and I have done it myself. At one time my wife and I had three retail stores in three mall locations where we sold Nature's Sunshine Products exclusively at their suggested retail prices!

Nature's Sunshine's opportunity is a flexible program that will work for any distributor no matter what his or her goals are. The membership option allows customers to sign up and enjoy discounted products, without the fear of being pressured into selling products. Everyone needs herbs! But not everyone needs a second job!

Concentrate your efforts on selling the products and on teaching and retaining your customers, turning them into regular and loyal customers rather than one-time buyers. That is the key to success! Follow up with your customers and make sure that they don't forget about you. Offer them the membership opportunity, so that they can save money. Although initially you will make less than you would by continuing to charge them the retail prices, in the long run you will make much more, because they will become regulars who will return to you time and time again for products and information.

The people who are interested in the business opportunity will ask you about it. Be informed so that you will be ready to answer their questions and help them get started.

But don't be shy about bringing up the subject when you feel the customer might be interested in the business opportunity. As long as you keep your customers' needs foremost in your mind, rather than your own wants and needs, you will come across as genuine and concerned, and people will be naturally attracted to your products and to your opportunity.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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