Leadership Training: Lesson 37

Using The Internet

Continuing our discussion of the various ways to build an NSP business, in this lesson we will focus on Using the Internet. We discussed the internet in Lessons 21-24. This would be a good time to review those lessons. In this lesson I will discuss this topic in greater detail.

In my opinion, having a web presence for your business is no longer an option. Your customers will expect it. Many businesses spend thousands of dollars every month, paying internet technicians to develop and maintain their web sites. We are very fortunate because NSP will provide us with a personalized distributor web site at a very low cost (at this writing for less than $12 a month.) We do not have to stock products, process credit cards or ship products. NSP will do all of this for us when our customers order from our NSP distributor web sites. And we get full credit for all purchases and sign ups placed at our web sites. To learn more about NSP's distributor web sites go to: http://www.mynsp.com.

Even if you do not use the internet as your primary method for building your NSP business, a web site will be very helpful. You should have your web address on all of your promotional materials—including your business cards. Your internet savvy customers will always have an easy way to order your products online. And you will be assured of getting credit for their purchases when they order from your web site. If they go to NSP's official web site they will have to enter your sponsor number for you to get credit. Even if they know your sponsor number (which they probably won't), most people won't think about doing this, and so you risk losing valuable business. When they order from your MyNSP.com web site they don't have to know your sponsor number. You will automatically get credit for all orders and sign ups placed from your web site.

You may also choose to get your own domain name and establish another web site to direct traffic to your MyNSP.com web site. This is very easy, because many web site providers today have ready-made templates that anyone can use, even people who have no technical knowledge. You simply fill out online forms choosing your template and color scheme, and then enter the information you want to appear on your web pages, similar to the way that you personalize your MyNSP.com web site.

I use additional web sites with my own domain names (theherbspecialist.com , a-better-way.com and theherbspecialist.com) to get web traffic and then direct this traffic to my MyNSP.com web site where the customers can place their orders and sign up.

When I discuss a nutritional product on my web site, I don't just mention the product names. I make them hyperlinks so people can click on them and go directly to the relevant product pages on my distributor (MyNSP.com) web site. This is very easy to do. For example, the following link goes directly to the product page on my distributor web site for Fat Grabbers:


The stock number for Fat Grabbers is 3035-9. To make the link you add the stock number after the = sign in the above URL, dropping the dash and the check digit. (You will also want to substitute your MyNSP.com user ID for mine.) Make sure that you check all of your links to insure that they work correctly.

I also use this procedure when I reply to someone's inquiry by email. I provide links in my emails that when clicked on take the reader directly to the appropriate web page on my MyNSP.com web site where they can read more about the product and easily place an order. The easier you make things for you potential customers the more responses you will get.

If you are going to use your personal web site to direct traffic to your MyNSP.com site, you will also need to get traffic to your personal web site. It is very helpful to get your web site(s) listed in the major search engines that people use when searching for something (like nutritional products) on the web. I have found that a very economical, efficient and effective way to submit your web site to all the major search engines is with a program called AddWeb which you can order at http://www.cyberspacehq.com/products/addweb/.

Before you submit your web site to search engines, you should optimize your site for search engines. You have no control over the optimization of your MyNSP.com site, but you might have another web site, such as a personal site, that you do have control over. To learn about optimizing your web site for search engines read the following web page: http://www.bruceclay.com/web_rank.htm.

The above web page is just one of many that are available online with useful information for helping you get traffic to your web site. To find others do an internet search for "search engine optimization." There is a wealth of helpful information that is available for free.

Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

Pay-per-click search engines are just what the name implies. You open an account with these search engines, fund your account with any amount that you want, and then bid on the key words that you want. Your position in their search results will depend on your bid. When someone clicks on your link your account is debited the amount of your bid. I am not currently using this form of advertising but I have in the past and have received very good results. If you are really interested in building your online business I'd recommend you look into this form of advertising. One very popular pay-per-click search engine is Yahoo.com. You can learn more about their program at http://searchmarketing.yahoo.com/. There are other search engines doing this as well.

Other ways to promote your web site and get customers from the internet can be found in lessons 21-24.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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