Leadership Training: Lesson 10


Goals are important for anyone who wants to run their own business. Imagine a ship setting out to sea without a clear plan as to where it is heading. It would wander aimlessly and probably never reach a worthwhile destination. As silly as that may sound, that is how people go through life when they do not set goals.

If you work for someone else, you might get by without goals. That's because your company or your boss will have goals, and they will set goals for you. But if you want to run your own business—if you want to take charge of your life—you must set goals.

Writing your goals down makes them that much more concrete, and therefore, one step closer to becoming a reality. It is not enough to have some nebulous idea of what you want. Know exactly what you want. Be specific and write it down. Then, carry your written goals with you wherever you go.

Sometimes NSP will set a goal for you, offering you a special incentive, such as a paid convention or vacation trip, if you reach your goal within the targeted time frame. These are always based on your recent sales and sign-ups and are therefore always within your reach, regardless of where you are right now. I have found these extremely helpful in teaching distributors to set incremental goals. Attaining these goals can be very rewarding and can help keep you motivated. Perhaps you can earn a trip to a convention, paid for by NSP, in some tropical paradise or aboard a cruise ship. Make use of NSP's goals. But if you feel that their goals are not appropriate for where you are at the present time— then set your own as well!

Visualize your goals:

If one of your goals is a company convention or dream vacation or cruise, cut pictures from a travel brochure and post them around your work area. If you want to earn a new car, paid for by NSP, post a picture of the car you want over your desk where you will see it every day.

Read your goals to yourself twice a day:

If you practice meditation, read them just before you meditate. Then mentally release them knowing that your subconscious mind now has them and will go about working in your life to bring them about. It is also a great idea to read your goals first thing in the morning right after you wake up, and a night right before you go to bed.

Track your progress:

NSP provides reports on how your group has performed over the previous months. These are available at NSP's official web site. First you must log in using your account number and PIN. Then, on the menu bar at the top of the page look under Members > Reports and Tools > Downline Reports. (If you do not log on to the site first, the Members menu will not appear in the menu bar.) Make use of this information to keep track of your growth. It may be helpful to make a chart, by plotting your figures on graph paper, and post it near your desk. Some computer programs will do this quite nicely but a computer program is not necessary.

Do it Now!

Write down your goals and start your nutrition business right now. Even a journey to the stars begins with one single step. Although experience will be helpful some day, don't wait until you have experience to start your business. I have seen people who felt it necessary to gain expertise before they would try to help other people, but unfortunately they never got started! If we all waited until we were experts, none of us would be in this business. Our best training is "on-the-job" training. To help another person, all you have to know is more than they do. You already know that much!

When someone asks you something you don't know, don't worry, instead get their phone number or e-mail address and tell them that you will get back with them. (And make sure that you do.) E-mail me to see if I can help or check the NSP forum at http://www.nspforum.com. People are not looking for someone who knows it all, they are looking for someone who cares enough to spend the time necessary to help them. This is something that is often missing in today's health care system—and something that you can provide that most of your competition can not!

Recommended Reading:

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success: A Pocketbook Guide to Fulfilling Your Dreams is one of my favorite books of all time. In this great little book, Dr. Deepak Chopra discusses how to combine your meditation with your intentions to bring your intentions (goals) into reality:

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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