Leadership Training: Lesson 32

Setting "SMART" Goals

In our last lesson we talked about the importance of goal setting and learned how to set "SMART" goals. To that information I will add the following important advice. Some of this was covered in Lesson 10, but it will be beneficial to review it at this time. I will also go into further detail than I did in lesson 10:


Writing your goals down makes them that much more concrete, and therefore, one step closer to becoming a reality. I suggest that you acquire a notebook just for writing down your goals and your action steps (which I will cover in futher detail in the next lesson.)


Review your goals often. Be willing to make changes whenever the need arises. Practice will make you a better goal setter. The important thing is to set goals now, write them down, keep them updated, and don't forget about them.


Some success coaches recommend affirmations, where you treat your goals as if they had already been accomplished. This is usually done by repeating phrases such as "I am rich," "I am a Senior National Manager," etc. I do not recommend this procedure. The reason is because your subconscious mind knows a lie when it hears one, and its response to a lie is to dismiss it entirely. Instead of using affirmations I recommend that you use Power Words and Visualizations.

"I am wealthy" is an affirmation. If it is not literally true right now then your subconscious mind is not going to buy it. The word "wealth," on the other hand, is a Power Word. By contemplating the word "wealth" - what it means, what it will allow you to do, and what it will feel like - you are giving your innate intelligence something that it can work with.


Your subconscious mind also relates well to visualizations. When you visualize your goals, you move them from the domain of the rational mind to that of the subconscious mind. Your goals are transferred from the piece of paper in your notebook to the creative powers of your innate intelligence, which will then go to work night and day to bring them into reality.

If one of your goals is a company convention or dream vacation or cruise, visualize yourself at the convention or on the cruise. To help you picture the details, cut pictures from a travel brochure and post them around your work area. If you want to earn a new car, paid for by NSP, post a picture of the car you want over your desk where you will see it every day.


NSP provides reports on how your group has performed over the previous months. These are available at NSP's official web site. First you must log in using your account number and PIN. Then, on the menu bar at the top of the page look under Members > Reports and Tools > Downline Reports. (If you do not log on to the site first, the Members menu will not appear in the menu bar.) Make use of this information to keep track of your growth. It may be helpful to make a chart, by plotting your figures on graph paper, and post it near your desk. Some computer programs will do this quite nicely but a computer program is not necessary.


Write down your goals and, if you have not done it already, start your nutrition business right now. Even a journey to the stars begins with one single step. Although experience is helpful, don't wait until you have experience to start your business. I have seen people who felt it necessary to gain expertise before they would try to advise other people, but unfortunately they never got started! If we all waited until we were experts, none of us would be in this business. Our best training is "on-the-job" training. To help another person, all you have to know is more than they do. You already know that much!

Personal growth is a never ending process. So too is goal setting. On the following web site you will find many articles and resources to help you continue honing your goal-setting skills. I encourage you to spend a lot of time over the coming weeks reading the excellent articles that you will find there: http://topachievement.com/articles.html

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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