Leadership Training: Lesson 13

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!

You have probably heard that the three most important things in real estate are "location, location, and location." Well, I'm here to tell you today that the three most important things in any service-oriented nutrition business are Follow up, Follow up, and Follow up! This is part of the service that you provide that makes you different from the competition.

I will divide this topic into three parts with each part comprising a different lesson: (1) Following up with contacts; (2) following up with customers after the sale, and; (3) following up with your distributors (those interested in the business opportunity.)

Follow up with your contacts:

Herbs and nutrition are in the news a lot these days. I have been in this business since 1984, and I am finding that today people are showing much more interest than they did in years past. Nothing interests people more than health topics, and almost everyone has some type of concern about their health. This trend will grow even stronger in the years just ahead as the baby boomer generation ages and faces more health issues. Make sure that you establish yourself as a reliable source of information so people will come to you for more information.

Everyone that you know should know that you sell herbs and nutritional products. You don't have to become a nuisance to do this— just make sure that they know. One way to do this without being intrusive is to give out copies of interesting articles or news items relating to nutrition (with your name and phone number stamped on them of course.) If you will do this, after a while you will find that people will often come to you with their questions.

You can also give out product brochures or Product Fact Sheets, especially to people who have mentioned a health concern or an interest in nutrition. You will find some brochures available in the "Sales Aids & Supplies" section of NSP's Master Price List. But even better are the Product Fact Sheets that are available online for free at: http://www.naturessunshine.com/us/products/catalog/factsheets.aspx

Product Fact Sheets are available for nearly all NSP products. They are in PDF format so they can be printed from your computer for very nice looking handouts to give to your contacts and customers. There is a place on each sheet for your contact information. Never hand out literature without your name, phone number, email address, and web page address on it!

If you have a MyNSP website you can also send your contacts to specific pages where they can read about a product or take the Online Health Assessment questionnaire. People are always interested in finding out more about themselves, especially regarding their health.

Print up business cards for your NSP business, including not only your phone number but your email and web page address as well. When I talk to people about a specific product, I always give them a card with a specific web address (URL) on the back that will take them directly to the page on my web site where they can read about the product and place an order. For example, the following URL will take them to the page on my site where they can read about and order Fat Grabbers:


I do this all the time when handling inquiries I receive by email, pasting the appropriate web address in my reply. It is much more effective to provide a link that they can simply click on to find and order the product, rather than mentioning the product by name only. (If you mention it by name only, they might find it, but it might not be on your web site!)

A few days after you have given someone a business card or a product fact sheet, always follow up with an inquiry to see what they thought about it. This follow-up is extremely important! If you will do this you will find that about 50% of the people will purchase a product. If you don't follow up—waiting for them to call you—this percentage will fall almost to zero.

Let me repeat: That's a success rate of better than 50%, compared to a success rate of near zero. You do the math and you will see why following up is so important!

In order to follow up, you will need to get names, addresses, and phone numbers or simply names and email addresses. When you talk to someone about your products, or when someone makes an inquiry, always try to get this information. Tell them that you will send a brochure, your newsletter, or an email with more information. I always try to get their email address so I can send them a link directly to a specific product on my web site. Then I can also follow up with an email, since emails are a lot less expensive than full-color brochures!

Marketing studies show that most people need to hear something at least three times, and many need to hear it seven times, before they will act on the information. Why do you think they repeat those annoying television and radio commercials so often? With email, it is easy and inexpensive to follow up. So always get their email addresses!

I have an email follow-up database program on my web server to keep track of leads and how many times they have been contacted. An index card system also works well, and you can make notes about what you discussed with them to jog your memory later. (I will discuss both of these methods in greater detail in a latter lesson in this series.) After someone has been contacted about eight times, I usually delete them from the list unless I have reason to believe that they still have potential. I have had many people who didn't act until the fifth or sixth contact. Imagine how many potential members I would have lost if I had stopped contacting them after the first or second time!

Following up with people is critical to your success. Just in case I wasn't clear before, let me say it again:

Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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