Leadership Training: Lesson 30

Email Newsletters

Below is another good article that is posted in the Business Building Archive of the NSP Forum at http://www.nspforum.com.

Writing a Winning E-mail Newsletter
By Mershon Shrigley

Email newsletters are one of the fastest growing communication/marketing tools today. In addition to being a dynamic, affordable marketing tool, they are also one of the best ways to promote a web site and give you and your clients an excuse to capture valuable data to use for other marketing campaigns. However, email newsletters aren't just printed newsletters delivered electronically. They must be written using a different style for a unique reading environment.

These top 10 points will help you publish a successful and valuable email newsletter.

1) Remember that your reader is reading light, not matter (ink). When reading light we blink less often and we're unable to adjust text size by moving the document closer or farther from our eyes. This causes more eyestrain than reading the printed page.

2) Remember that because of this potential eyestrain, your reader will more likely scan a page, looking for key words or phrases to get the information he/she needs without reading every word. A Sun Microsystems study determined that 79 percent of people who visit Web pages, for example, don't read them...they scan them.

3) Remember that you only have a few seconds to capture your reader's attention. Wow your reader with valuable information that doesn't have a lot of introductory material. [Testimonials are a great way to "Wow" your readers. Use your testimonials and your personal story (discussed in the last couple of lessons) in your newsletters!]

4) Write short. Short means about 50 percent less than you write for a printed newsletter. Each article should be about two page-downs at the most with a maximum sentence length of 15 to 20 words, maximum paragraph length of five sentences, and a maximum article length of four paragraphs.

5) Write in a conversational tone. Newsletters are written with "friendly authority." Let your personality show through and readers will more likely invest their time reading what you have to say.

6) Use lots of bullet points and numbered lists. Lists are easy to scan and they help the reader absorb each item one at a time.

7) Limit each article to a single concept. Add resources such as web sites where longer articles or more information can be found.

8) Remember that email newsletters are easily forwarded. Never write anything that you wouldn't want the whole world (including your competition) to read.

9) Remember that email newsletters only cost you your time. Send your newsletter out consistently and reap the marketing rewards of regular contact. Email newsletters are one of today's most economical and successful marketing tools. Use it!

10) Remember that newsletters are considered a news source. Unlike other direct mail pieces, newsletters enjoy the same status as newspapers and other news media. Respect this privilege. Be sure your information is accurate and newsworthy. Enjoy the marketing advantage while maintaining integrity to your readers.

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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