Leadership Training: Lesson 9

Company Loyalty

I hope by now you are convinced that when it comes to nutritional companies, NSP offers the best quality, service, and benefits. If you are convinced, then make sure that you do not waver in the single-mindedness of your purpose! I have seen many people jump from one network marketing company to another to another—"The grass is always greener on the other side." Something new and irresistible is always coming along to distract them. They are always falling for a good sales pitch. Unfortunately, they only stick around for two or three months before they are grabbed by the next "hot" opportunity. If there is one thing that experience has proven to me, it is that these people never succeed. The best way to succeed in this business is to stay with one company for the long run. Of course your company must be in it for the long run too. With NSP's 40-year track record, you know that is true!

Unlike many network marketing companies, NSP does not require exclusivity. NSP wants their distributors to have maximum flexibility in the way they choose to run their businesses. You should know, however, that experience has shown that your efforts will be divided by the number of companies that you are involved with. This means that if you distribute for more than one company, your efforts will be diluted, and you are likely to get only half the results that you would if you had remained loyal to one company.

An exception is if you run a health food store. In that case you may want to carry a range of different brands to accomodate your walk-in traffic, although many NSP managers have successfully operated retail stores where they have sold NSP products exclusively. Many health food store owners have become very successful as NSP managers even when they have sold other brands of products in their stores. But even though they sold a range of products, the most successful managers only promoted one nutrition business opportunity.

You must be single-minded in your purpose and this means that you must be loyal to your company. This is easier with NSP than with any other company because our comprehensive product line insures that there is never a need to look anywhere else for the nutritional products you need.

Remember, you are setting an example for your successline. If they see you pushing more than one brand of nutritional products, they will follow your example and do likewise. They will be easy victims for every new opportunity that comes along and you will eventually lose them. These groups always fall apart. I have never seen an exception.

If you want to join another company that sells a different kind of product that has nothing to do with herbs or nutrition, in order to buy their products at wholesale, that is fine in my opinion. I use acupuncture techniques, including CieAura Holographic Chips,™ because they provide fast relief from pain while my herbs are working at cleansing and rebuilding the underlying condition. But I do not use any other brand of nutritional products. There is no need when you have access to NSP's comprehensive product line of over 600 products!

Wishing You the Best in Health and Prosperity!
Dr. Duane Weed, MS, DC, LAc

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